Business and Family Litigation


The Foodman Firm’s trial lawyers have a wealth of experience in business and family litigation.  We represent domestic and international clients in all stages of commercial litigation and regulatory matters, whether in Court or before Arbitration Tribunals.  We also represent individuals in complex divorce matters.

The Foodman Firm’s trial attorneys have represented wealthy individuals, foreign governments, financial institutions, insurance companies, executives and directors, and shareholders applying the firm’s four guiding principles to help clients make well-reasoned decisions.  We also work with foreign firms in cross-border litigation matters, and we have handled litigation matters throughout the United States.


The Foodman Firm can assist you with the appellate process in civil and criminal appeals in state or federal court, should the need arise.

Banking and Cyber Fraud

Banking litigation involves assisting clients with banking and financial issues. The Foodman Firm has represented banks and individuals in various banking matters including fraud involving monetary instruments, money laundering, identification theft, and cyber fraud. In that regard, cyber fraud involves the use of the internet to defraud, and it includes such frauds such as e-mail spoofing, phishing, spamming, hacking, credit card fraud, online scams, identification theft, among others. The Foodman Firm has litigated numerous banking and cyber fraud cases involving banks, individuals, and other entities.


Employment litigation involves discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, equal treatment, among other issues.  The Foodman Firm has litigated various employment claims.


Malpractice litigation involves claims that arise out of professional negligence that results in damages to a third party because of the negligence.  The Foodman Firm has experience in accounting and legal malpractice matters.

Adversary Bankruptcy Proceedings and Business Reorganizations

Adversary proceedings are lawsuits filed in bankruptcy court.  A creditor, debtor, or bankruptcy trustee may file an adversary proceeding.  The Foodman Firm has experience litigating adversary proceedings and working with bankruptcy counsel to make sure that its clients have seamless representation in bankruptcy court.  Business reorganizations involve the restructuring of companies and individuals, and out-of-court workouts.  The Foodman Firm has experience litigating business reorganization issues.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that arises from a business context. The Foodman Firm has a wealth of experience litigating all forms of commercial litigation matters from breach of contract, complex financial disputes, insurance disputes, foreclosures torts, Receivership, unfair trade practices, covenants not to compete, trade secrets, among others.

Florida Bar Ethics Litigation

Florida Bar Ethics litigation is an extremely sensitive area for lawyers because it has the potential to negatively impact the livelihood of the attorney.  The Foodman Firm has experience in Florida Bar matters.

Construction and Real Estate Litigation

Construction and Real Estate litigation are common in S. Florida given the constant development.  The Foodman Firm has litigated construction and real estate matters including contract disputes and torts, financing issues, lien, fraud, trespass, nuisance, insurance, among other things.


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, and arbitration provision are included in contracts when parties seek to avoid court proceedings.  The Foodman Firm has experience litigating domestic and international arbitration matters before the following arbitration associations: AAA, ICC, FINRA, JAMS.  We regularly work with foreign counsel when working on International Arbitration matters to make sure the client’s needs and expectations are met.

Divorce and Probate

Divorce is an emotionally-charged area of litigation, and it requires an experienced and patient attorney to assist clients through such a difficult process. Because divorce naturally involves the distribution of assets, financial divorce issues can become quite complicated. Probate litigation like divorce is emotionally challenging and it takes many forms, including challenging a will, trust disputes, breaches of fiduciary duty, and guardianship. The Foodman Firm has handling complicated divorces involving allegations of secreting marital assets, waste, and fraud, and has handled probate litigation on a variety of issues.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property litigation involves a civil case to address a perceived infringement of intellectual property ownership.  The Foodman Firm has prosecuted and defended matters involving trademark litigation, trade secrets, and unfair competition cases.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes involves disputes between business partners in corporations, LLC’s, and partnerships.  In Florida, statutes govern the management and operation of entities and the interaction between the partners.  Common law also applies to shareholder disputes to address contractual disputes and tortious activity.  The Foodman Firm has litigated numerous shareholder disputes involving various issues.